Cobra Motion Theatres

The Cobra is supplied in multiples of either a 20 or 25 seat passenger platform, mounted upon a dynamic three axis hydraulic motion base.  Ergonomically designed, the Cobra is made from high quality Grade 1 fire rated fibreglass. Using a motion system that has been deployed in over 100 attractions, visitors are guaranteed a smooth, yet extremely dynamic motion simulation experience. 

Our standard supply includes complete show control systems, surround sound audio, and a 3D HD projection system utilising a whole variety of flat and curved screens. Combined with effects such as water spray, wind, snow, bubbles, special effects lighting and smoke will provide operators with a truly sensational ride guaranteed to excite any of your visitors. A vast library of 3D film content is available, or of course we would be pleased to create a custom film to complement your attraction.

Additional In Theatre Effects

  • Leg Ticklers
  • Wind
  • Water Spray
  • Aroma
  • Snow
  • Special Effects Lighting
  • Bubbles
  • Smoke

Typical Venues

  • Theme Parks
  • Museums
  • Zoos
  • Aquariums
  • Space & Science Centres
  • Corporate Promotion
  • Family Entertainment Centres
  • Cinemas

Electrical Requirements

The Cobra motion theatre requires a

3 phase powersupply of either 50 Hz

at 380/415v or 60 Hz at 460/480v. 


Products Portfolio

Installations are carried out by our highly skilled technicians, and following the installation phase, training is given to your staff, to enable clients to fully understand and operate our systems.

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Cobra Motion


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