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Aluminum High Temp Lube Aluminum High Temp Lube
Super-Spray Aluminium high temperature lubricant (non chlorinated) sprays to give a medium viscosity silver grease and solvent blend. It can be used as a general grease in a wide range of automotive,... More Info>>
Item # aluminium_h-t_lube
Clear Chain & Bearing Lube Clear Chain & Bearing Lube
Super-Spray Clear Chain & Bearing Lubricant is a blend of mineral oil, tackifiers and Extreme Pressure (EP) additives.
It is ideally suited to lubricating chains where a highly tenacious lubricant... More Info>>
Item # Chain_lube
Clear Penetrating Oil Clear Penetrating Oil
Super-Spray Clear Penetrating Oil has good rust prevention properties, it is used to rapidly and effeciently free and loosen seized nuts, bolts and hinges etc. Designed as a single purpose, primary efficiency... More Info>>
Item # clear_penetrating
Copper High Temp Lube Copper High Temp Lube
Super-Spray Copper High Temperature Lube is a high temperature anti-seize compound containing copper paste in a synthetic lubricant. It acts as an effective anti-seize assembly paste for bolts and... More Info>>
Item # copper_h-t_lube
Cutting, Drilling & Tapping Fluid Cutting, Drilling & Tapping Fluid
This is a blend of oils specially formulated for use when cutting, tapping and drilling to improve tool performance and extend tool life.
Can be used in all cutting, tapping and drilling... More Info>>
Item # Cutting_and_Drilling
Degreaser Degreaser
This Emulsifiable Degreaser is designed for the speedy and efficient removal of a wide range of oils, greases and waxes in the engineering and automotive industries. Also can be used as an effective tar... More Info>>
Item # degreaser
Multi Purpose Clear Fine Oil Multi Purpose Clear Fine Oil
This light general purpose oil provides easy, accurate and economical application on all types of machinery, small lightly loaded bearings etc. It is ideal for use in difficult places and where lubrication... More Info>>
Item # multi_purpose_clear_fine_oil
Polymer Chain Lube Polymer Chain Lube
Polymer Chain Lube is a clear viscous liquid specially formulated for chain lubrication. It gives outstanding performance under extreme conditions of load and does not fling off. It also withstands pressure... More Info>>
Item # Polymer_Chain_Lube
PTFE Graphited Dry Film Lubricant PTFE Graphited Dry Film Lubricant
PTFE Graphited Dry Film Lubricant has been formulated to provide a long lasting PTFE reinforced durable coating for use on hard surfaces such as slides, benches and packing machines etc. The presence... More Info>>
Item # PTFE_Graphited_Dry_Film_Lubricant
PTFE Dry Film Lubricant PTFE Dry Film Lubricant
A suspension of fine P.T.F.E. telomer in a rapidly drying solvent.
Designed for "one shot" application in the plastic moulding industry and many applications where the use of a traditional... More Info>>
Item # ptfe_dry_film_lubricant
Silicone Spray Silicone Spray
Silicone Spray has a wide range of uses including mould releasing and lubrication in the automotive, clothing and furniture industries, where the clean, low toxicity lubricating properties of silicone... More Info>>
Item # Silicone_Spray
White Grease White Grease
This is a premium quality anhydrous calcium soap-based grease with water repellent solid lubricants for use in applications requiring aqueous resistance. It can be used in anti-friction applications,... More Info>>
Item # white_grease
Workmate 40 Workmate 40
Workmate 40 is an individual tool for all engineering and automotive maintenance applications. Workmate 40 speeds dismantling and assembly, preventing component damage by freeing seized parts. Safe on... More Info>>
Item # workmate_40
Zinc Galvanising Paint Zinc Galvanising Paint
This is a resin based paint containing zinc powder which can be used as a coating on pipes and steel fabrications to reduce corrosion and also acts as an exceptionally good primer coat.
The product... More Info>>
Item # zinc_galv


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