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Metal Primer Metal Primer
Quick and easy to use
Fast drying
Fights rust
Super-Spray Primers offer ultimate metal protection with a non-sanding formula for areas of moderate... More Info>>
Item # metal_primer
Metal Protect Metal Protect
Quick and easy to use. Fast drying. Hard wearing Super-Spray Metal Protect can be used on both interior and exterior surfaces and gives long-lasting protection against rust and corrosion. Available in... More Info>>
Item # metal_protect
Metal Protect Clear Lacquer Metal Protect Clear Lacquer
For interior and exterior use Quick and easy to use. Fast drying. Preserves and protects against all weather conditions, acid, alkali and corrosion. Drying time: Touch Dry in 20 minutes, thoroughly dry... More Info>>
Item # Metal_protect_clear_lacquer
Radiator Paint Radiator Paint
Quick and easy to use. Non yellowing formula.  Resists heat up to 100ºC . Available in Gloss and Satin Finish. Specially formulated to make painting radiators. The finish obtained is both durable... More Info>>
Item # radiator_paint
Appliance Appliance
Quick and easy to use. Scratch, stain and moisture resistant. Non yellowing formula. This high quality enamel can be used on most metal surfaces in the kitchen. It provides a quick drying, long lasting... More Info>>
Item # appliance
BBQ & Stove BBQ & Stove
Bring your BBQ or Stove back to life. Provides protection against the elements. Preserves the life of metal. Durable and abrasion resistant. BBQ / Stove spray paint offers a beautiful satin sheen that... More Info>>
Item # bbq_Stove
Stain Sealer Stain Sealer
Fast drying. Covers and seals unsightly stains and water spots. Spray Anyway customised valve allows paint to flow in any direction without clogging Prevents water, smoke, mildew or rust stains from bleeding... More Info>>
Item # stain_sealer
Graffiti Remover Graffiti Remover
Applications: For cleaning most surfaces of graffiti quickly and easily.  Especially suitable for cleaning plastic laminates, wood, metal, glass, vinyl & plastic seating as well as most painted... More Info>>
Item # graffiti_remover
Adhesive Adhesive
Easy to use. Superior bonding strength. A heavy duty product with superior adhesive strength.  You’ll find spraying is a simple and quick solution for high coverage areas. Suitable materials... More Info>>
Item # Adhesive


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