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Auto Zinc Galvanising Spray Auto Zinc Galvanising Spray
This is a resin based paint containing zinc powder which can be used as a coating on pipes and steel fabrications to reduce corrosion and also acts as an exceptionally good primer coat.
The product... More Info>>
Item # auto_zinc_galv
Dashboard Cleaner Dashboard Cleaner
This is a pleasantly perfumed silicone spray containing 5% silicone in a hydrocarbon solvent.
It may be used to restore, clean and condition all types of hard surfaces, being particularly suitable... More Info>>
Item # dashboard
Foam Cleaner Foam Cleaner
This product is an advanced multi-purpose foam cleaner, specially formulated for cleaning hard surfaces. It can be used for cleaning and degreasing both vertical and horizontal surfaces, and its controlled... More Info>>
Item # foam_cleaner
De-Icer with IPA De-Icer with IPA
This is a high quality water free de-icer for use on vehicle windscreens.The blend of de-icing and anti-freezing chemicals rapidly de-ices windscreens and helps prevent re-icing. The product enables use... More Info>>
Item # deicer
Brake & Clutch Cleaner Brake & Clutch Cleaner
Super-Spray Brake/Clutch Cleaner is designed to clean brake and clutch units without the need for time consuming dismantling. It removes brake fluid, dirt, oil, grease, dust etc from brake and clutch... More Info>>
Item # brake-Clutch
Super Fill Super Fill
Super Fill is the latest generation high build aerosol primer filler. It is a single component product available in either Grey or Black. It has a high solids content which gives excellent coat depth,... More Info>>
Item # Super_Fill


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